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Technology Raises Privacy Concerns

Privacy defined as an individual choice of exclusion from publicity. It is a natural right, which is the foundation of legal rights; the private law defends the right to privacy. Most people know that social media is turning into a necessary which does not come for free. It is compensated with the collection of sensitive information of its users.

An essential function that technology plays in everyone’s lives is the act of surveillance, and your GPS keeps track of your movements, your webcam and Android TV’s are keeping an eye over you. All of this collected information is generally used by the government and law enforcement to gather evidence against anything illegal. Despite all the flaws, people think technology is far more convenient to give it up. It helps one perform all tasks faster and effortless, and maybe that’s why people don’t realize they are making a deal with the devil.

While the spectrum of emotions on the issue is quite diverse, the thoughts over technology and privacy are of paramount importance. Every device that we own has a unique ability to bargain with our privacy.

On October 2017, the world got to know about the news of “the deadliest mass shooting” in contemporary US history. At least 59 civilians killed, and over 570 were injured when an open fire took place from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel on the Las Vegas trip in an open-air music festival. The incident was pre-planned because of the knowledge of the event through social media. It is the rise of such incidents because the world today invests a humongous amount on technology, including facial recognition, mass surveillance, and other forms of security.

Another privacy hampering issues is being tracked and watched by cameras, which makes people uncomfortable, enabling them to become self-conscious and untrue to their behavior that results in the theft of humanitarian values. Different generations have varied problems with technology and about how specific gadgets can infiltrate their relations to privacy and security. Well, technology holds several promises of finding counters to terrorism while strengthening digital security because of the significant progress of artificial intelligence to increase accuracy and efficiency.

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