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Music is a significant branch of art, a cultural activity that conveys its message through sound organized in time. Several types of music consist of various elements, they might emphasize sonic qualities of texture, or they may not.

Technology has had a fabulous effect on the production of music; it has made the use of any device, tool, and machine more comfortable for the musicians to compose or to perform music. Analyzing and editing music has never been an easy task, but with high-quality gadgets, everything has turned possible with much lesser effort.

Music has been coordinating with technology now more than ever, but it has been shaping this medium of art since the very beginning.

With technology expanding, there also has been an expansion in the music industry. Technological advances have not only jolted on the genres of music but also made a difference in the way that the public consumes it. It made the art of learning and making new music smooth and easily accessible.

Technology and music have become intertwined with the newly available techniques that are an integral part of every aspect of the music industry today. Virtual reality companies are giving the public an area to explore and experience something close to a live show from their rooms itself. Live concerts are being arranged and shaped through the mediums of technology.

Streaming music online has become a humongous source of changing how the original live things and CD’s worked. Social media has made an enormous impact on shaping and popularizing all genres of music. Through the medium of social media, the boundaries between the artists and the public have been breached. It has helped create a closer communication method between the two, for good and for bad.

Isolating technology from music would be a trivial act but involving in every kind of technology advancement that pops in music could turn out critical. The new technology of music has affected the actual production and has changed music completely. The most crucial challenge for musicians is to accept the changing world and embrace the new ways of making and sharing music. Many artists are relying on autotune to masquerade their imperfections, but what they don’t understand is that music is art, it is better without precision.

Author: Rishika Chhabra
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