Our world is unable to function without the availability of technology, and we have made ourselves rely on it for too long now. This reliance has made the concept of human communication absurd, and people are masquerading behind the social media platforms. The intent to introduce technology to the world was to make life effortless and time savvy; instead, it has become over-dependent and somewhere liable. According to a study done by National Public Radio, nearly 84 percent of Americans say that using computers is an essential part of their daily lives. It is how much people are counting on technology for performing their activities.

Globally, we reformed the existence of automation for a convenient application in our personal and work life. We have become so sturdy on gadgets that most of us cannot even travel without GPS. Calculus problems now are solved by machines instead of human brains. Humans are deteriorating because of the over-reliance on computers and other machinery. People are just enjoying the couch potato lifestyles without thinking about the big picture of the future. Instead of entirely depending on technology, we should make our generations adopt a lifestyle that values human interaction.

Technological dependence is destructive, both on an individual and societal basis. Over dependency may lead to severe anxiety when not available and can cause chaos. It might also lead to addiction to social media, illegal websites, online gaming.

Instead of introducing our brains and bodies to technical things gradually, people are overburdening themselves and are on the brink of becoming cyborgs. The cost of becoming dependent on technology, at its most extreme, is our mental health, our cognitive capabilities, and the future of innovation. Finding a balance between technology and reality is paramount important.

Limiting the time spent using gadgets and using our cognitive skills would enhance the human experience. Acknowledgment of destructive technology would help save the world from a fatal future. Depending much on the in hand mechanism would blind us from a better future and better technologies. We need to stop overly depending on technology if we want to keep innovating.

Author: Rishika Chhabra