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Linux Process Administration

Linux Process Administration

Programs in execution or running instances

Each running instance of a program is identified uniquely by the kernel, by its process ID (PID) as well as its parent processes ID (PPID), which may be an exact copy of the existing process running within same environment in memory.

The processes are created using functions:

Process Types

Process States

During execution, a process changes from one state to another depending on its environment/circumstances.

[command] &
Execute command in background
ctrl + c
Interrupt a program
ctrl + z
Suspend a program and send it to the background
Sends a background process to the foreground
kill [pid]
Kill the specified process
kill -9 [pid]
Forcefully kill the specified process
List all processes
pidof  [Process-name]
To find the ID of a process like systemd, top, httpd
echo $$ 
echo $PPID
To find the process ID and parent process ID of the current shell
Monitor processes in real time
System Monitoring Tool with advanced features

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