Reselling, or reseller web hosting, is selling web hosting to your customers under your own brand when the web hosting is provided by a larger company. This larger company is selling you a large web hosting account which you then break apart to sell as smaller quantities to your clients. The main reason behind the popularity is its cheaper rate. Otherwise, if you buy as a first hand customer you need to pay much more. If you go for shared hosting then also you can get the service in cheap rate. But reseller is cheaper than even shared hosting and many beginners who do not want to invest much they are opting for reseller hosting happily. If you wish you can go for dedicated server. But everyone wants to make profit fast and that too without spending much. Reseller and shared hosting actually provides you that opportunity. Yes, in case of dedicated hosting you can manage the server, but initially you need to attract your clients first and when your business starts growing you can then shift to different web hosting plans too.

With reseller hosting, you do not need web servers, mail servers, DNS servers, or even a good Internet connection. Most reseller hosting plans come with all necessary tools for a webmaster to be a successful reseller organization. Some even offer templates where you can get a website on your own with “your name” so others do not know that you really are a dealer. This is called “private labeling” where you get to advertise your best web hosting services.

Easy to use control panel make reseller hosting a good option. You will be able to create web hosting accounts for your customers and keep them without difficulty. Even if you're just a dealership, many times, it becomes your responsibility to provide at least minimal support to your customers, but most technical issues are handled by the web hosting provider.

The different types of reseller hosting is provided dedicated, shared and co-location. But since it's not compatible with every hosting provider, you will have to confirm them before you register