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Business Website Important Pages

Business Website Important PagesMost of the websites have Homepage set as start page. For multiple page website, the homepage is often a least potential page and also observed that search engines also not list it in keyword related searches. The search engine indexes more focused internal page that deals with the specific topic.

Although the homepage does provide the central reference point to all the pages, i.e., all pages link homepage.
A home page linked from the header, menu bar, and breadcrumb navigation path. Thus, it gets multiple links from a deep page. Most visitors find it comfortable to navigate different pages from this central page.

One section of SEO professionals suggests that the presence of multiple links for homepage leads to jumping navigation. They suggest that there should be only one prominent link for the Homepage, for the users who feel lost while navigating pages. Otherwise, proper inter-linking should be provided to guide the visitors to different sections as per the goals and strategies of the company.

There is another section of SEO professionals who suggest that this central homepage can contain multiple links and offer one-click navigation to different categories and segments. The Homepage may have a part to list the various posts in a specific group, lists all types, post archives, special offers to multiple products or services, latest news and sections to promote a website.

A significant point in all the views is that a visitor should reach the page or post with the intended content with minimum navigation or in one-or-two clicks.

Products or Services Pages or Posts

The product or service page content should be tailored accordingly as per the needs of target visitor. The business needs to enrich to make them valuable and useful regularly. The format and content should meet the visitor's needs.

Original and Unique Content

Provide relevant, valuable, authoritative and authentic content. The search engines often penalize the posts or pages with the duplicate content. The user should establish the page relevance with the brand.


Write in a simple style, easy to comprehend and engage the reader at a personal level. Maintain consistency throughout the website. Use different headers (h1 to h6), bullet points to break the content into different sections, which are easy to manage and scannable stand-alone chunks.