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clustered dedicated servers

A clustered approach to web hosting can take the sites to a new level as it overcomes the limitations of one physical server. Even compared to the finest dedicated server plans a clustered approach is still far superior. Grid web hosting technology or the clustered dedicated servers allows sharing of processing powers amongst many servers, distributed in real time. This means that the websites are powered by a very powerful and inexhaustible source; it is because even the largest customer cannot take more than a tiny fraction of the large server pool.

The other benefit is that, if one server is under threat there are lots of back us available and the other servers are available to share the load.

Clustered web hosting is structured in such a way, that the intrinsic errors are eradicated. These errors are generally found in a shared hosting system, this means a grouping of a number of servers and then networking them so that the work stack can be shared. Clustered web hosting is the site that caters to this service. In this case, the resources of the websites are drawn so accurately that a particular website is not confined to only one server. The consistency of the server is maximized as all websites have their own service redundancy.

This involves sharing of numerous servers, sharing of their programs, and also distributing it during active time. Whenever there is a change in a clients account, then this information is speedily transmitted to all the servers that are present in the clustered dedicated server. There are a lot of advantages of clustered dedicated servers.

In the ordinary hosting situations, the security tiers are not generally incorporated in the platforms. Hence most of the hosts have to implement the firewall method to overcome this weakness. But this is not the case with clustered dedicated servers; in this case, there are many levels of security. The network of a clustered web hosting has excellent routing and switching structure; it has an inbuilt firewall and also has a proxy tool. This keeps the clustered web hosting one notch higher than other traditional hosting techniques

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