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Are you aspiring to start a new business but have a limited budget. None other than online business gives you the opportunity to start your business on a low budget. But many of us still have the misconception that through online business is low cost and popular, but it is tough to set up an online business. This misconception is mainly due to the reason that most of us are internet lovers but not internet experts. We feel that to run an online business, we should have sound technical knowledge and complete knowledge of web designing. If you are one of these people who carry the above-mentioned misconceptions with them, then its time for you to know about PhpWebsite. This application is can be used by corporations, universities and individuals as well due to its dynamic, flexible and robust design.

Some of the main features of PhpWebsite are documented manager, announcements, menu manager, and photo album and block maker consists of FAQ and is also a web page maker, pools, and calendar. This software provides with web-based administration and has been made very simple so that users inexperienced in website administration can use it with ease. It provides with index facilities that index content available at different modules. It has lots of themes and layout to choose from which lets you change the layout of your website as frequently as you wish to. You can make your website interactive with this application. Visitors can post comments which ultimately help you to feel the pulse of your customers and their needs. You may notify your customers with special events and offers and discounts given on those special days with the help of event calendar featured with multiple schedules.

The installation of PhpWebsite installs only the core modules. If you want to add more modules to your website, you need to manually add them with the help of boost. Every module is unique in itself with different with its own files, folders, templates, version information, and graphics. It has a single user account to which you can add administrative privileges. You can save templates with each theme. You can edit the templates with your own text and images and can even add HTML links. This application puts more stress on CSS layouts and is really an indispensable tool for users who aspire to create a beautiful website but does not possess enough knowledge of PHP.

PhpWebsite is a smart content management system founded by Web Technology Group of Appalachian State University. It has been developed by a group of PHP website developers from all around the world. It has been written in PHP programming language, making the application fast, simple and cross-platform. The best part of this application is that it is completely free and open sourced application and has been licensed under GNU GPL and GNU LGPL. The latest version of this application is 1.8.0. Thus, gone are the times to rush to consultants on what will be best for your website. Keep the control of your website with you and design your website in your own way, try PhpWebsite.

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