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Consume-InformationEach day a new gadget and the technology is upgrading at revolutionary speed. Most of us might not even hear of technology, which our neighbor is using efficiently. We are in a transformation phase, confused, as the technology is interfering in every subject. We have started looking at everything from the angle of technology and becoming used to gadgets, without them we feel lost.

We consume-information from Google or websites. It is fantastic to know that half of the world's business does not yet have a site. An online customer doesn't care if any company cannot provide him/her the luxury to view the services or products online instantly. That is why most companies are facing a crisis, as they live in the belief that their customer is not searching online. They think that big companies have taken their business, but the reality is that their mindset is so stringent that it does not accept innovations or new technology.

The social extremist is shouting that technology has disrupted the social structure of the society. But, it is true that it would change further. And a day would come where the world would divide into those who are in favor of technology and those who are not.

Printed Trade Directory Fade And Search Engines Rise – Consume-Information

There was a time when businesses want themselves get listed in Yellow Pages, which was the leading trade directory. Nowadays very people search in printed trade directories or telephone directories. When mobile came into existence and penetrated its growth in rural areas, we have started assuming that mobile apps would rule the world and view the information on personal computers would decline.

if a work can be done on mobile why there is need to get it done by personally moving over there.

Mobile Searches – Consume-Information

The half of the business which started with websites are now getting the mobile apps developed for their business. They are getting more business inquiries and ultimately customers through mobiles. The rural world which even has never got primary landline connections now powered by mobile technology. The biggest company Google reveals that the 40,000 searches in a second has not decreased, but has increased as people are using mobile for the information.
Gone are the days when we bargain and cross-check the product price from several shops. Nowadays the power is there in hand, using which instant searches enable people to move where they get an advantage.

The smallest investments can change the complete makeover of the business.