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Email Marketing Approach

Email Marketing ApproachSocial media cannot fade the influence of ubiquitous email marketing solutions to attract consumers attention. A user checks its email account on a regular basis, and nowadays its frequency is increased with the internet enabled mobiles. The latest mobiles provide the convenient way to retrieve email. Most companies use emails for their business activities and to get in touch with their audience.

Although the companies create the social media accounts and their business pages, still, most of the communication with their stakeholders is done using emails. The companies involved in the Email marketing business purchase or create the email list, which they filter to target potential customers. The visitors are encouraged to subscribe so that companies get permission to email them later. The email body contains links to a landing page, full of luring messages to signup, purchase, recommend or any other desired call to action. The pages tracked to calculate the ROI or conversion rate over time.

Build Massive Highly Targeted List – Email Marketing Approach

The email marketing companies like Aweber and MailChimp provides an option to create an opt-in form, which a company can place directly into its Facebook Page. Hence, only interested would opt for it, which further filter the subscriber list, who would listen to recommendations and buy products or services. Furthermore, chances of mail-read increases instead of ignoring or delete and they would less like to unsubscribe. The subscribers often share it with their friends, knowns, and relatives if they find the content is advantageous to them. Thus, chances are more people would get associated.

Opt-in form placement on a website

It can be placed on Homepage, sidebars to appear in all the posts and pages, in squeeze pages dedicated only for the purpose of getting emails and within the persuasive content.

Email Elements – Email Marketing Approach

Subject: Carefully choose the most engaging words. The subject heading appears in a list in the mail client and is the first content which user reads. Keep your subject brief, unique and value-based. If user won't find anything for it in the subject, he/she may ignore, delete or mark it spam.

Body: The neat, simple value-based content which follows AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action) build trust, authority and develops a relationship. It further motivates the subscriber to purchase products or services.

Email Marketing Companies

MailChimp (an email marketing platform)

  • It offers website building, marketing automation, and customer relationship management (CRM).

GoDaddy Websites + Marketing Tool

  • Effectively manages an online presence