Admin user is by default created with the ‘WordPress’ installation. You can have as many users and each of them may have their own profile. The profiles can be attached to the posts, pages and comments on the website. These profiles are publicly available, to allow you to share information. You can edit the information given in the profile anytime and changes are immediately being reflected where your profile is being displayed. From the admin panel, profile can be created and edited by clicking on the “your profile” option. 
Profile is categorized as: ‘Personal options’, ‘Name’, ‘contact info’ and ‘About yourself’. In your profile you can enter your name, email-address, website name, AIM, yahoo or jabber id, name to be displayed publicly on posts and pages for which it provides you the list box from which you can choose. You can’t change the user name, if you have created the admin user and want to get rid of that, create another user with admin rights, login with that new user and delete the admin user.
CPWebHosting recommends that each user must create 2 more social profiles also:
Google+ profile at
It allows you to link your content with your google+ profile. If you already have a gmail id, open the site:
login with your gmail id and password.
Open your Google+ profile by following this link:
Copy your Profile-URL from the address bar to clipboard
Go to your WordPress Admin Panel and click Users » Your Profile. Paste the above mentioned URL to the field where it says „Google Plus Author Link“.
Click Update Profile.
Add a reciprocal link back from your profile to the site you just updated
Follow this link to edit the Contributor To section:
In the dialog that appears, click Add custom link, and then enter your website URL.
If you want, click the drop-down list to specify who can see the link.
Click Save.
Gravatar User Profile at
Gravatar stands for ‘Globally recognized avatar'. It allows you to display your image across the web. Click on the signup button on the site and enter the email address you want to use. Gravatar will send a email for confirmation, click on the activate link there. After that provide the user name and password twice and then click on the signup. Add a image to your gravatar account and then select that image to be associated with your email address. Edit your profile, enter your contact information