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Firefox browser

Firefox browserA 64-bit application browser with designed features of Photon Design System has user familiarized interface. A user can download it from Mozilla Foundation website from Malavida. The browser is available in 90 different languages.

The feature-rich, fastest browser graced with beautiful look offers:

  • Multiple tabs
  • Pocket integration to save the later-tool. It allows saving favorite articles in the pocket tool to read later on, regardless of the device the user on, as it is saved in the cloud
  • Improved performance with CSS engine Stylo to take advantage of today's multicore hardware by opening multiple processes making the most of multiple cores, optimized for low power consumption.
  • A library button holds Bookmarks, History, Downloads and other vital components for easy access.
  • Screenshot tool available right from the address bar to take clippings of pages.
  • The browser well supported by Mac, Windows, Linux, IoS, Android and utterly compatible with modern technology.
  • A search tool with multiple search engines Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, Twitter, Yahoo, DukDuckGo, Wikipedia and many more.
  • Completely customizable with official themes available from Firefox Quantum. More features can be added using official add-ons or extensions.
  • Privacy for personal and confidential information, e.g., username and passwords with improved security and stability

Important Firefox browser Add-ons

  • Grammarly: It helps to avoid embarrassing grammatical or spelling errors. The add-ons would require account setup, which is available for free and for an annual subscription. It detects contextual errors, confused words, and subject-verb agreement issues.
  • Screenshot Plus: It enables a user to capture a portion or entire webpage and then annotate the image with text, arrow lines, circles and rectangles
  • iMacros: It automates the repetitive tasks the user encounter online while filling forms, entering username and passwords. It saves a lot of time and aggravation.
  • Xmarks Sync: For multiple device users running different browsers, it keeps a handle on browsers by backing and synchronizing them.
  • Windscribe: An VPN and ad blocker that helps to browse the web privately and block access to ads or trackers.


  • By default blocks all 3rd party tracking cookies
  • Mozilla Firefox, with the release of Firefox 72, in January 2020, will hide annoying notification popups by default starting next year, in a move to fight spam and improve the health of the web. An animated icon would get added to the URL bar, which would let the user know that there is a notification subscription available. It would display only when the user clicks on the icon.
    From the browser setting section, a user can unsubscribe notifications from the shady sites. However, notification alerts are handy when used by legitimate websites like news or social networks. Cybercriminals exploited Notification API to push spam to users.

Latest News – Firefox browser

(July 31, 2018) The Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit open-source company, welcomes public feedback or opinion in picking a new logo. Firefox presented two for the world to dissect, which are created by the company designers each representing a distinct branding system with a master or main browser logo and variation for apps.