Biometrics is a mechanized method to recognize a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. The features measured are the face, fingerprints, handy patterns, handwriting, iris, retinal, vein, and voice. Biometric data are separate and distinct from personal information.

Beyond grade books and report cards, school districts nowadays have access to several technological tools that give a wide array of knowledge and wisdom. Everything today can be researched on the internet through their biometric supporting devices, like a phone, tablet, laptop, and several other things.

With the emergence of the new fitness technology, as Fitbit watches and smartwatches individuals have found new ways to track their progress towards a healthy life from monitoring their heart rate to tracking their burning calories and heart rate. Furthermore, fingerprint and iris scanners are becoming standard features in smartphones. Biometric technology can help in maintaining of attendance record without the , which would be time and effort saving.

One of the most prominent applications of biometrics in schools is the use of scanners for security purposes. Verifying an individual’s fingerprint or iris to authenticate their identity is an effective way of keeping a track on students and faculty. These can also prove to be helpful in other areas where students are expected to go throughout the school day, such as the cafeteria or any field trip as well.

In the worst case scenarios, the surveillance cameras help in making a record of any suspicious human entrance and activities and can be helped in recognizing the culprit. It can assist in observing the behavior of the students and the faculty, and it could also convey about the learning and interpretation of what they are grasping and what are they fed.

Another advantage of biometric service is that they lessen the severity of identity and grade theft when results get punched online. With the biometric identification only, the users can only access into the authentic ids and cannot misuse the information provided. In either instance, the information known as biometrics has its advantages, and its use in the contemporary world is imperative.

uthor: Rishika Chhabra