Most Secure Webhost

In every industry, privacy is a vital factor. If your customer is exchanging confidential or financial information with your website that includes purchasing a product or using subscription services, all these information should be secure and well protected. This will result in the success of your business. That’s why, owners are now very much concerned about site’s security, particularly for secure hosting.

What is Secure Hosting

A secure web hosting company, clients access their website by using the secure socket layer protocol (SSL). SSL is a very advanced technology which is used to encrypt data transmitted between a web browser and your site. Through this encryption data can be protected from attackers. In case of any attack, without the private key, they will not be able to interpret inside your site.
If you go for secure web hosting, you will get to place SSL certificate on pages of your site. This will indicate to all visitors about site protection by data encryption process. You will get the double benefit of secure encryption protection and reputation for having this unique technology.
Importance of Secure Hosting:
Nowadays every business is using secure hosting to catch the attention of the customers. Clients are now very much worried about their online privacy. For this, customers go for SSL certified hosting providers to secure and protect the data. So, the question is ‘who uses Secure Hosting?’

Almost all eCommerce businesses are likely to be safe and sound. Whenever data is transmitted over the net between a server and the end user, that transaction is expected to be secure. Transmission of data includes:

  • Financial or Billing information- Loans, credit card, credit card number and liens
  • Personal information- Name, DOB, address and social security number
  • Confidential correspondence- Private health or education communication, instant messaging, live chat, support requests and more.
Some things to consider before choosing secure web host:
SSL Certificates Comparison:

SSL certificate is usually free with signup and offers all protections. The popular and best secure hosting providers will require you to have a unique IP address and separate SSL certificate for each subdomain that you wish to set up safely. On the other hand, secure web hosts offer wildcard SSL certificates which cover all subdomains for the whole domain. Shared SSL certificate is shared with other users on the same server. On the other hand, private SSL certificate signifies domain or subdomain security on the secure and dedicated server. Visitors will see warning message pop up to recommend that certificate may not be reliable. Therefore, signed SSL certificate will provide you the instant trustworthiness.

SFTP (secure file transfer protocol):

SFTP is more secure than FTP (file transfer protocol). Always make sure that this option is available via your web host.


Regular backup is necessary to secure your site in case of an issue. Most hosts offer a tool in control panel which allows backing up your own site. A sound backup procedure is a plus point to secure sites.

Server maintenance:

Hosting providers should make sure server is maintained to ensure attacks are limited.
List of hosting providers who offer secure hosting for their customers.


Therefore, if you are running personal site or large scale business, protection is vital in both the cases. Security is the main concern nowadays. Lack of security can be a risk to any business and result in loss of income or identify theft. So, it is must understand the concept of security you are looking for and which host will satisfy you.