In MilesWeb's endeavor to continually improvise its web hosting solutions, the company has launched a new and improved IaaS and PaaS platform that busts every myth related to cloud hosting. Usually, people find it difficult to manage cloud cost-efficiently and end up wasting about 45% of their Cloud spends or even much more. To overcome this, MilesWeb is glad to present its pay per use public cloud hosting platform that ensures that you are only paying for the real resource usage.

MilesWeb's Cloud can help developers and SMBs save time and money with rapid deployment and auto-scaling magic. For SME's, it eliminates vendor lock-in and provides a cost-effective way to handle large or unpredictable workloads.

MilesWeb's spokesperson stated that ‘The resources you need for your application might not be the same always. They might differ. To keep up with the resource needs and ensure cost-effectiveness, you need a platform that works according to your resource requirements. Our cloud platform completely works on the discretion of the users; the user can scale up or down whenever required without any manual intervention or downtime'.

MilesWeb's PaaS and IaaS cloud is affordable and can be launched within a few minutes. In contrast to most other cloud providers, features such as automatic vertical and horizontal scaling allow MilesWeb to provide a truly user-oriented Pay-per-Use cloud platform. Users can expect supreme attributes from this cloud environment like automatic vertical and horizontal scaling, elastic compute, server load balancing, Docker containers, resource orchestration, DevOps automation, and immediate application deployment. With all these supreme features, MilesWeb's cloud platform surely looks more promising than the other cloud platforms.

MilesWeb is pleased to provide customers with High Availability on a service level, keeping users out from hardware infrastructure configurations and complex SysAdmin tasks. The cloud platform offers a broad portfolio of 100+ applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and many others, currently available through its Marketplace.

MilesWeb Cloud support packages come in Basic, Business, and Enterprise plans. The respective plan promises maximum response times to technical issues from 4 hours to 45 minutes, depending on the severity of the problem and the contracted support plan.

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Source: Press Release
Date: October 02, 2017
Nashik, Maharashtra, India