Grasping the safe Cloud-first Approach is the top need for governments all over the world Narendra Modi has more contacts with the countries of the world. He embraced with grace about his policies, his activeness throughout the globe has brought not only dignity but also the grace to Indians and the country in the world politics, his adamant stand for development can be seen as the country evolves.

The cloud-first Approach deals with development; the kind of development India had been lagging. In today's world, everybody is gentle and kind on the outside, but when it comes to the betterment, it is but obvious to be selfish. That is the same case in world politics; it is not as smooth as it seems. Every Bill that passes takes a lot more than just efforts.

The country will have a massive population of the young workforce by the year 2020, which is a huge asset. That kind of society can do wonders like, eliminating poverty, decreasing dependency ratio, economic growth. In recent years the country has shown development in vast sectors, for example, infrastructure wise, education sector, financial sector, industrial and manufacturing sector, public necessities, waste management.

India has more respect and appreciation in the world than ever before, he succeeded at not only reaching out to presidents of the countries from all over the world but also mending and making better relations with them, and that is something no other Indian prime minister had ever accomplished. We have better international relations, respect in the UN.
The Cloud first approach aims at skill development digital transformation.

The Approach is essentially for data collection and to make a difference in the lives of many. Its time for India to move towards Artificial Intelligence on a large scale to gather the country's data, which can be used in times of need. And it should also be molded and mended in such a way that the countrymen could use it and benefit themselves from it. The Cloud data was not known to all and people were not particular about using it earlier, but it has become of a top priority now that they have more knowledge about it.

Author: Rishika Chhabra