The next-generation in wireless technology will bring about serious innovation, but sometimes it’s all fun and games. On an average, American household has seven screens including smart TVs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. and with all that network bandwidth, the demands for better network connectivity is growing day by day. Indeed it is expected that an estimated 20.4 billion things to come online by 2020. There’s no denying the potential of 5G is expected to change everyone’s lifestyles fundamentally. The applications will help make it viable from autonomous cars to remote medicine are waiting to have a massive impact on how the world works.

5G internet is going to redefine online experiences at home, whether it’s streaming movies, playing multiplayer games or just browsing the web. 5G Home Internet poised to change how entire households get their entertainment fix, with near zero-delay caused by network latency and virtually no buffering.

The current wireless standard offered by Verizon, 4G LTE — is fast but not quite fast enough for an entire house of people to play games and watch stream 4K movies at the same time. It makes a poor replacement for wired broadband. The technology for 5G is fast enough for you with no strings attached. The wired reliable broadband internet usage could save a lot of headaches.

The 5G power poised to revolutionize the entertainment and media industries by facilitating new types of content creation and consumption, and by opening up existing markets to enterprising new players. 5G has a substantial positive impact on the major phone carriers, planning to launch 5G this year.

In my opinion streaming services would eventually replace the cable and TV Content to games. There will be a router in the house or office that will supply sufficient internet for everything. Also, virtually every phone with 5G will be a giant boon for the mobile telephone makers and their suppliers.

Author: Rishika Chhabra