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Newsworthy Micro-Content

Newsworthy Micro-ContentA compelling narrative story captures the imagination and the emotions of the readers or website visitors. If the website is a credible, authoritative and trustworthy source, then the stories have clear defined parameter for success.
People look for stories which are different, new and unexpected, having a single clear mission. They share links of such stories to their friends, relatives, and knowns through social media, WhatsApp, or through email.

An interactive newsworthy micro-content contains pertinent information, which is latest, fully updated and written in a simple language. The latest available platforms like WordPress make it more accessible and participatory, further enabling people to share experiences.

The editors are picking up newsworthy micro-content stories based on behavioral information like most searched on the Internet, likely to get maximum shares or likes. Furthermore would generate interest in the visitors and provoke them to share comments.

Debunk Rumours

The visitors are educated and empowered to cross-check the news through several platforms and further discourse it with other intellectuals of their field. They understand that anyone can write anything in online media, and if such information shared without checking its authenticity, then it can be disruptive. So, before sharing further in a relationship, the micro-content must be treated to know its authenticity or adulteration. An attentive or sincere person won't circulate any fake news or rumors, as she/he understand that they are liable for prosecution if they do so.

A phrase ‘Content is the King' further expanded as ‘Distribution is the Queen' and ‘Relationship as its children.' Everybody in this world gives maximum concentration and focus to its children, and hence it the case of a website, its relationship. The micro-content sites nurture the relationship with quality, variety, and quantity, coupled with the thorough research and right context.

Quality Content

The businesses to create a newsworthy micro-content, often collaborate with field experts like producers, editors, photo and video editors to provide excellent quality content and add journalistic value to it. Nowadays such collaboration is readily available, as public voluntarily contributes videos, photos, stories, opinion, words of eye-witnesses. People unintentionally add to and share the newsworthy micro-content. The data which is the core of news-based websites is often voluntarily provided by the public whose economic value is not even taped, measured or estimated.

Public Contribution

The journalist is not alone, and the entire community is now showing the interest. Thus the media organizations must realize the potential and intrinsic value of public contributions. They must assist and facilitate them as supporters and not block them as gatekeepers.

The entire world of news-based business is going to change. The online platforms have already established their roots. The online media gives credit to public efforts as contributors of newsworthy micro-content and their platform provides them ecosystem for an enormous scope.