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Gathering User Personal Data

Gathering User Personal DataThe user wants to know the purpose of websites gathering their data, and they want access to delete it if they want. Everybody using the Internet is concerned that its personal information does not fall into malicious user's hands. People share their address, phone number and email on various forum sites while registering themselves to multiple platforms. Even when they communicate via Live Help, they are asked to fill in personal details. Although such websites claim the usage of information only for the specific purpose, and amazingly user's trust them innocently.

Suddenly, a user comes to know it's getting a lot of spam email messages from various businesses. It proves that data is being shared or sold and there is no way to know how companies sending unsolicited emails get the access to user data.

The hackers often invade the websites with weak security and get access to data which prove to be a gold-mine for identity thieves. The identities enable them to get a mobile number, even sometimes credit cards.

Means of Gathering User Personal Data

Beware while sharing Mobile Images

The meta-data of the image contains information about mobile or device from which a picture was taken. And when anybody shares the vision, they are making the mobile information also accessible.

Sharing vacation image can invite burglars, as they can come to know that home is currently unprotected and vacant.


The browsers stores the preferences in the form of cookies. Few websites collect the cookie's data and follow the user's online behavior. Such sites collect the tons of data and mine it for commercial purpose. When a user opens a website showing advertisements the ads would display the exclusive deals for products or services in which a user showed interest or has accessed information about it on the Internet.

In Europe, cookies are allowed on a consent basis, and the visitor accepts the policy to continue browsing. The advertisers have a keen interest in tracking cookies. They create personal profiles on that basis and show specific advertisements accordingly.

Private Navigation: Internet Explorer provides InPrivate navigation and Chrome has Incognito mode to browse anonymously.

Free Wifi Networks

The stores, hotels, railway stations, airports offer free Wifi networks. The visitors followed once they get connected to Wifi. The device Mac address gets registered, and on that basis, various statistics calculated.