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Impartial data-drivenSitegeek is a leading highly competitive web hosting comparison website. It lists web hosting companies to increase their brand awareness and SEO visibility. Furthermore enables the web hosting customers to make informed buying decisions.

Target Audience

Customers who wish to share their hosting experiences, reviews, opinion, comments or feedback.
Visitors who are looking for web hosting companies, comparison to choose further them as hosting providers.
The Customers who are looking for solutions for the hosting issues.


To provide the qualitative analysis of the web hosting companies and their services

About SiteGeek – Impartial data-driven delivers the critical aspect that helps the customers to choose the web hosting company for their individual or business website. The website also provides the tutorials and knowledgebase on website creation tools like WordPress and SiteBuilders.

A customer before buying space for a website or choosing a domain name want to know everything about the provider. To create a site efficiently does the provider offers the entire spectrum of quality features?

The impartial data-driven website Sitegeek do weigh the advantages and disadvantages of individual companies, compare them and periodically release web hosting report. It lists the most renowned branded hosting services providers of the market.

Reviews and Rating by other providers

There are thousands of web hosting review and rating websites, but credibility is proportional to the website reputation. Today's web hosting customer is powerful and aware of the value of foreknowledge, knowledge, and perils of acting on the false hoax. Still, the desire to be informed, to know, is one's respect. The hosting market flooded with conflicting reports from anonymous writers, which has confused the customer in host selection. Such reports coming at much faster speed, with content and entertainment value but reliability is still questionable. Feedback on SiteGeek an Impartial data-driven website

Ananova trust Sitegeek as an online media source to fulfill the unique interest and preferences of hosting customers. It collects, analyzes, and interprets a web hosting company's information and the latest news. Furthermore presents for visitors opinion, belief, comments, and feedback. It enables them to calculate the customer's attitude towards the company.