It is absurd not to suggest that television is changing, viewers are now affording a level of flexibility and control over their viewing experiences with new platforms. The historic means of entertainment is gradually fading away with time; the TV viewership is sinking while the numbers are arising for the online streaming services.

The web today facilitates with services like Netflix, Amazon Prime that helps people cure the probation of time and entertainment is handy that way. All these applications can be accessed anywhere and can work as a background application that does not need sticking to one place. The draws of these online streaming services are Cost and convenience. All these applications that work wonders for us are time and Cost effective. In a world of skimping, If one gets everything conveniently available, it wouldn’t be a bad deal to drop inconvenience.

Netflix has almost 30 million U.S. subscribers, and the service keeps on extensively adding subscribers each month. Hulu boasts several million unique monthly visitors and made $690 million in 2012. Both of these applications cost minimal to stream the best quality videos, the buffet of channels might be less as compared to the cable connections, but there’s nothing that beats the savings as the satellite connections might cost more than a 100 dollars a month. The policy of whatever you want and whenever you want is still unbeatable, and it is a significant plus point for the viewers. With lower costs and greater convenience, it would make sense if the Internet is overtaking TV.

Well, more and more people are turning their faces towards the Internet for the premium television content as it is convenient, but the traditional TV is picking up the pace as time, and the providers are making smart moves by proving exactly what the customer wants and how he wants it.

So, the question is if the Internet has taken over TV? Not yet. But Television network providers will have to keep up with web streaming and mobile devices to make sure they don’t fall behind in the race of survival.

Author: Rishika Chhabra