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Backup Technology Innovations

Everybody in the Hosting industry is worried about performing backups. With need, there is an emergence of innovations in backup technologies such as CDP instant recovery, flat backups, Server virtualization, and backup appliances. There is a need to protect data fully, and restoration on as needed basis.

For mission-critical systems and business continuity, disaster recovery systems must be fully advanced as long recovery times are unacceptable. The gap between RTO (Recovery Point Objective) and RPO (Recovery Time Objective) must be minimum.

With the E-commerce growing rapidly legacy scheduled backups are always inadequate. Incremental forever backup techniques are required, to handle backup of data collected on the daily basis.

Continuous data protection eliminates the problems associated with the backup window, which creates very frequent, block-level backups rather than nightly backups. Every few minutes newly created or modified storage blocks copied to the backup targets like storage arrays or remote machines. Thus, reducing the recovery point objective (RPO).
Losing a few minutes data is more affordable then losing a data of entire day.

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