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Linux Dedicated Servers

Linux servers are manufactured to counter high demand of application such as database management, web services and network administration and system administration. Linux servers are more preferred due to its reliability, flexibility and stability. A major part of the IT market is relying over Linux platform. Linux servers now covers 16.8 % of all server revenue; up by 2.5 points over 2009.Linux server market revenue grew 30% to $1.8 billion when compared with second quarter of 2009.It share 16.8 % part of revenue grossed by all servers.

Hardening Linux servers :

A proper procedure and policy is required to maintain a secure computing environment where unauthorized access could be prevented .For making security risks should be assessed. While open source does not hide o/s inner working, but security is the core part of Linux kernel.

Linux servers are secured by External firewalls, SSH hardening and internal privilege hardening. Further some of measures can be applied that are as following:-

ShellShock Flaw :

ShellShock Flaw has collected huge media coverage over the time. ShellShock Flaw allows invader to execute bash commands on unauthorized and unauthenticated host. It is basically a mass of vulnerabilities. The risk depends upon how bash interprets environment variables. The systems using Bash Scripts are at the higher risk .Some measures are taken to protect form Shellshock flaw are:-

A required attention is brought to Shell scripting security by shellshock. Migration to languages that have been designed keeping security in mind is essential since need for shell script always exists. A new language Shill has been developed by Harvard researchers with a stress over security but there is a long way to go.

Some other common attack vectors are:-

Redhat recently announced its 64 bit ARM architecture designed for datacenters. It has (TDP) thermal design power between 10 and 45watts where as traditional x86 processor has more than 90watts.Direct Server utility bills and data center running cost lowers along with power consumption.

Why Linux?

Linux has been a preferred choice because of its stability feature and better response to concurrent processes. It is able to run over a long period of time without facing any crashes. The basic reason for adopting Linux is TCO (total cost of ownership). Moreover, all configuration changes can be accomplished without rebooting the system thus not affecting irrelevant services. The distributive nature of Linux made it an acceptable choice because it does not need any SI (System identifier). In Linux; the systems are distinguished by IP addresses and names. It runs over any machine architecture and unlike its counterparts which completely depend on Intel-compatible processors.

Linux is a secure and better Operating system as compared to Windows.

Some of the best Linux Distro :


Business Linux Distros

Gaming Linux Distros

General-Purpose Linux Distros

Lightweight Linux Distros

Multimedia Linux Distros

Linux Distros for Security and Recovery

Linux Distros for Beginners

There are many organizations that advocate for Linux adoption. In May 2014, W3techs surmised that 67.5% of top 10 million websites run over some form of UNIX whereas Linux is used by 57.2% of a website that uses UNIX. The (IFOSSF) international free and open source foundation has decided to accelerate and promote the adoption of FOSS (free and open-source software) through civil society partnership and research.

Some other are:-

Oracle has released a secure boot version of its Linux, which has a chain of trust in the boot process. When the bootloader is loaded by firmware, it checks the authentication signature of the bootloader with a signature key stored in the firmware before proceeding.

Linux software developers are striving hard to expand Linux storage and file systems. In recent years flash memory has been evolved as server primary storage and persistent memory is rendering us storage that works at DRAM speed.

So, Although Linux has many file systems and is able to use any kind of storage. Still, there is a lot of work which is to be done.

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