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Server Hosting PHP Mysql

The most common server that is executed locally and globally is PHP myself. The whole process of installation is very easy, and anyone can go for it. The first step required to perform is to download EasyPHP from respective website. It is a server that will help to connect to the database and thus mostly use for business purposes. The downloaded executable file is now to be executed and select any directory for further procedures.

Steps Involved

Now before performing any further procedure make sure that server is running so that other functionalities can be implemented. The system tray will have an icon of PHP. Once you get icon visible in the tray, just double-click on it to open the window where a server is required to be get started. The window will not only give the option to start the server but will also ask for selected PHP version that you wish to execute. This type of server is light in weight and thus, can be easy to install for developers to work with it. Moreover transferring from local server to global server is very easy in PHP and so people are opting for it.

The next step is to check options available in system tray once you click on administration. The different menus available here help, log files, configuration and many more. These options help anyone to make it easy to manage server and also get various options that make easy to make it as a server. The PHP pages that are required to be executed must be placed in a LOCAL WEB directory. There is also an option to go to virtual host folder.

Now you are required to make changes in your PHP file which gives the option to make it work on the global server of local itself. One who has Cpanel can easily host all files in the root directory and make the connection to the respective server. There is an option to give Ip address where you wish to make the connection. There must be an IP address which remains static and thus using such IP address will help to make connection global.

Security Parameters

It is very important to maintain security and thus both username and password can be given for connection directly to a server. It gives the option to make the connection secure with myself. It is an easy way to install PP Mysql server and thus it's possible for all to set up such server for all.


It is very important to check whether the server is working and also your file’s output. So, once you are done with local checking just changes your PHP file and make other changes. The changes are such that IP address along with username and password. It must be changed to your global server and thus upload file on such server. It has made very easy to make your application live and help other people to access it. There are many options where one can create their PHP file and supported by myself. Many people prefer to have Apache that can be connected to global IP address easily. The server created in such manner can be used to upload any PHP sites on a server.

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