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Ananova recommends top web hosting providers for Indian users listed under:
The hosting companies are chosen based on their speed, reliability, support, rich features, and price. The Ananova lists their review posts and recommend visitors or hosting consumers to rate the web hosts for Indian users.

For Indian hosting consumers, AUTOMATTIC is best rated and the most recommended web host. The company provides quality web hosting solutions to individuals and businesses at the best possible price. They have constantly upgraded and innovated WordPress to cater to every customer's needs and the highest level of friendly support. Ananova recommends the provider as the top choice based on the customer reviews, as they help make the customer's site successful.

Web hosting helps organizations and individual people to post their web pages or websites onto the internet. A web hosting service provider gives the needed technology and required services for the web page to be visited online. Websites hosted on specialized servers; to visit these uploaded websites, a particular website address or a domain name is supposed to help the browser. The browser helps you find the wanting website and connects one to the web pages. Several Indian web hosting businesses are flourishing through the system, assisting people in achieving their goals, like the Liquidweb, GoDaddy, Bigrock, etc.

To publish a website online for your business, the website requires a web hosting service that will not only provide web hosting services but also will give leads upon how to manage the website all through day and night. A professional web hosting service ensures a smooth experience for the venture owners so that their time gets efficiently managed. When website owners need help to overcome technical problems like email not able to send/receive, domain name renewal, etc., then the web hosts are the go-to people to solve these matters.

Now that the world is technology evolving, many offline businesses are coming online that need web hosts to launch their websites and blogs, So it’s crystal clear that a web hosting business in India could be highly profitable to start off.

To start this business, one doesn’t need technical skills; what’s required is a reliable hosting provider where resalable hosting packages can be bought. And secondly, one needs the necessary marketing skills to reach the target audience and make successive sales.

Starting a web-hosting business is handy these days. And with easy access to social media and reputed forum sites, it becomes easier to obtain the desired market and sales web-hosting to make money off of it. Starting a business a risky job that one always has to take but trying can always be a good route to success. If executed properly, all the investment will pay off and in good fortune.

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