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Certificate Server Status Information

Certificate Server includes a server database that maintains status information and a log of all issued certificates and certificate revocation lists (CRLs). The database is composed of two parts, the Server Log and the Server Queue.

Server Log

Stores all certificates and CRLs issued by the server so administrators can track audit, and archive server activity. Also, the server log is used by the server engine to store pending revocations before publishing them in the CRL. The server log also stores recent certificate requests for a configurable period in case a problem encountered when issuing a certificate. The server log is administered using the Certificate Log Utility.

Server Queue

Maintains status information (receipt, parsing, authorization, signing, dispatch) as the server processes a certificate request. The server queue is administered using the Certificate Queue Utility.

Microsoft Certificate Server maintains a Server Database divided into two parts, the Server Queue and the Server Log. A record of all certificate requests received in the Server Queue and copies of all issued certificates kept in the Server Log. Certificate Server includes administration tools that can be used to view and manage the Server Database.

The Certificate Server administration tools are Web-based. You access the tools by browsing to the Certificate Server virtual root. This page contains links to the Certificate Server Administration Tools and Documentation Web pages. From this page, select either the Certificate Administration Log Utility or the Certificate Administration Queue Utility.

The Certificate Administration Log Utility generates Web pages that allow the administrator to manage certificates and CRLs in the Server Log. When the utility is started, the browser will display the Certificate Log Administration Web page. Initially, this page will display a list view of the beginning of the certificate data in the Server Log. Each row contains a database record for a certificate, and the rows appear in the order the certificates created.

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