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About Company – Hosting Review Hetzner

Key Selling Points

  • Leading South African Web Hosting provider
  • The only hosting provider in Africa to host Cloudbric
  • Hetzner peers with most of the large network operators in South Africa, including Openserv, Neotel, Telkom Internet, MTN Business, Vodacom, Optinet, VOX, Google, Microsoft, Hurricane Electric, Cloudflare, Borwood and iBurst amongst others.

Establishment: 1999

Headquarters: Cape Town

Data Centers: Cape Town and Johannesburg


  • Brand Manager: Athena Turner

Services Offered – Hosting Review Hetzner

Web hosting, dedicated servers, colocation and custom hosting solutions

Cloudbric security to SA

Cloud-based security service to protect against website attacks and vulnerabilities. The WAF (web application firewall) safeguard against site-level distributed denial-of-service attacks by blocking Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and ranges from where attacks emanate. It utilizes a logic-based detection engine that filters malicious web site traffic with precision, delivering a meager false-positive rate. Hence guard the website against hackers and also from suspicious and malicious Web site traffic.

The konsoleH dashboard, Hetzner's control panel offers an activity view on the client's website and enables to perform specific tasks like blocking visitors from particular countries, or IP addresses from accessing Web sites.

Most of the customers do not fix their weak code and becomes vulnerable to exploits, the Cloudbric blocks such attempts.

Number of Customers: 330000 active domains

Customer Support: 24.7.365

Target Customers: SME and mid-corporate markets

What for Customers?

  • Reliable, cost-effective
  • Petabyte traffic threshold reached
  • Change to HTTPS with free Lets Encrypt SSL
  • Reduce the cost of Internet connectivity to the public.
  • Reduce latency with simplified routing.
  • Increase network resilience by offering multiple connection options.
  • Neutral, layer 2 Internet eXchange (IX) point
  • IPv4 and IPv6 are available
  • Flexible and scalable connectivity available from fast Ethernet to 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Online peering and traffic management tools
  • Available within every Teraco data center facility

Latest News

  • (August 08, 2018) Collaborated with the global security provider Cloudbric to bring Web security services to SA.
  • (April 18, 2017) Peers with NAP Africa, directly at NAP Africa in Isando via a 10Gbps circuit joining the largest active peering community in Africa, including many content distribution networks (CDNs). With this Hetzner's content is now easily available to all network operators at the various Internet eXchange points (IXP) in South Africa.
    NAP Africa: A neutral, layer 2 Internet eXchange point (IXP), located within each of the Teraco data centres in South Africa.