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HTML Website Skeleton Defining Ananova Brand Statement

The People communicate their innovative ideas through websites. A layman views it as a text with images and few buttons, text boxes, list boxes and combo boxes to create interactivity. A programmer, developer or designer view it as a skeleton of hundred thousands of lines of code written in the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). A website is thematically categorized containing linked pages.

An orphaned page is a part of a website, but visitors cannot reach it. Hence, the web pages must be logically interlinked to enhance navigation and user experience.

The HTML elements are called ‘Tags' identifies the content format which includes headers, paragraphs, or lists. A tag opened need to be closed, but few tags don't need to be. A tag name is enclosed between ‘<‘ and ‘>' symbols. An opening tag and closing one bear the same name, except the close have forward ‘/' slash in front of tag-name.

Tags – HTML Website Skeleton


<p> and </p>
<p> Ananova – Hosting Industry Demystified </p>


<em> and </em>
<p> <em>Ananova </em> Listing Web Hosting Company </p>


<i> and </i>
<p>Following is an overview of the recommended brand positioning which guides the <i> brand messaging </i> for </p>

In HTML 5 both emphasize and italicize has the same function.


<strong> and </strong>
<strong> Ananova Positioning Statement </strong>


<h1> through <h6>
<h1> Brand Messaging </h1>
<h2> Ananova Positioning Statement </h2>
<p> empowers individuals, web developers, and businesses to make educated buying decisions when researching web hosting solutions. is a trusted provider of current, unbiased, comprehensive web host reviews and reports developed using in-depth, real-time, data-driven tracking, social media sentiment analysis, and real user commentary. </p>
<h3> Ananova Personality Traits</h3>
<p> Trustworthy, honest, approachable, professional, friendly, educational, impartial, credible, expert, tech-savvy, experienced</p>

<h3> Ananova Persona</h3

<p> Ananova is the Consumer Reports of web hosting – the trusted source anyone can go to for thorough, current, and honest reviews so they can make the most educated decisions and investments possible when choosing a web hosting providers. </p>


Ordered <ol> and </ol>
Unordered <ul> </ul>
List elements within <li> and </li>

<h4> Ananova Proof Statement </h4>


<li>Using 24/7 tracking of over 40,000 web hosting providers, analyzes more than 100 data points, downtime, new, deleted and transferred domains, and social media sentiment to develop comprehensive, impartial reviews of web hosting providers that cannot be found anywhere else. </li>

<li> is the only source for this type of data-driven, unbiased educational information, which is supplemented with real user reviews and comments. </li>

<li>All information is available for free to all visitors so they are empowered to make confident decisions on their web hosting investments. is paid from web hosting providers and receives affiliate payments, ad revenue, or other income, but it does not affect the content of its reviews and reports in any way.</li>

<li> is a reliable source of information that users can depend on to help them distinguish facts from hype and subjectivity and accurately compare their options.</li>


<h4> Ananova Pillars</h4>
<ol> <li>Impartial</li>
<li>Comprehensive and Current</li>

Description List

<dl> and </dl>
Description Term <dt> and </dt>
Description Data <dd> and </dd>

<h3> Ananova Brand Messages</h3>
<p>This section provides the recommended primary brand messages for mapped to the four brand pillars identified in the previous section.
<h4> Pillar 1: Unbiased and Authentic</h4>
<p>Following are several taglines/short messages and detailed messaging for Pillar 1.</p>

<dl> Taglines and Short Messages
<dt> Taking the guesswork out of web hosting.</dt>
<dd>The world’s only source for 100% impartial, data-driven web hosting reviews and reports.
SiteGeek is the web hosting industry game-changer.
Opening the doors to web hosting data and unbiased reviews so you can make educated investments.

Tag Attributes

<tag-name attribute=”value”>

class – identifies multiple tags specified in CSS

<div class=”entry-content”>
<h4> Detailed Message</h4
<p>You need your website to be secure, and you need it to be available when visitors need it. Making an educated decision when choosing a web host is critical to the long-term success of your website, but most online reviews are highly subjective or published by people who have a vested interest in promoting specific web hosting providers. SiteGeek is the first site to open the doors and let everyone see what’s really happening at over 40,000 web hosting companies around the world. Now, people who need reliable hosting for their business or personal websites can get the information they need to make educated decisions about their hosting investments.</p>


Anchor tag <a> and </a>

<a href=””>About</a>

Link to an email address
<a href=””>Contact Us for Hosting Services</a>

Link to Telephone Number

<a href=”tel:+918529395745″>Contact Mani.K for Hosting Related Queries</a>

Link to SMS

<a href=”sms:+918529395745″>SMS to Call you Back for Hosting Related Issues</a>


<image> does not require closing tag


src tells the browser about the source of an image
alt alternate text get displayed when a browser blocks or not able to display image

<img class=”alignleft jetpack-lazy-image jetpack-lazy-image–handled” style=”margin: 5px;” title=”about ananova” src=”; alt=”about” width=”372″ height=”190″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy-loaded=”1″>


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