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search platform BaiduIs the Internet same for everybody in this world? No, it's different for Chinese Internet users, as now it is almost a decade that Google, Facebook, Twitter, The New York Times, Chinese Wikipedia and Instagram and thousands of other foreign websites blocked there. The local Chinese sites, apps, and online services fill the gap and serve the same functions. Their massive dosed censored system competes with Western liberal democracy. People in China are not even interested in knowing and got accustomed to the plethora of sites and apps built by locals only.

When the world is becoming a small village, the Chinese still want to go with their closed society and traditions. They are successful in keeping their people away from the Western open society culture. All that doesn't mean that people over there don't use cell phones, smartphones, they do, but the West is not able to penetrate or spread their liberal ideas.

The Western market lures the Chinese that their apps won't work outside their country, but the ones created by Google or other companies would work worldwide, but still, there seems to be no impact on the people. The biggest Chinese market is out of reach for most of these big Internet giant companies.

It's not only the Chinese government but its people especially young ones shows apathy to Western apps, even if provided for free, they won't use it. The people are patriotic and optimistic and happy with their localized apps. They feel that Western apps are against the development of socialism with Chinse characteristics.

Western Vs. Chinese Apps

Google – Baidu
YouTube – Tik Tok
Twitter, Snapchat – Weibo, WeChat
The New York Times – Jinri Toutiao

Search platform Baidu


The third largest Internet company ‘Baidu Inc.' by market cap.

Address: Baidu Campus, No. 10 Shangdi 10th Stree, Beijing – 100085. Ph: +86 105992888

Incorporation Date: Jan 18, 2000

Online Participants: user, customers, and company union members


  • CEO and Co-founder Chairman: Robin Li


  • Chinese language search platform to enable users to find relevant information, web pages, images, documents, multimedia through links on a website.
  • The company researchers, hardware and software engineers, work across a variety of technical domains from robotics and computer vision to onboard computers and sensors.
  • It's improving online marketing services, hence to enhance the user experience
  • Tieba, a largest forum posting platform
  • iQIYI mobile app, iQIYI video HD with 500+ million users spanning online video, gaming, and e-commerce
  • FaceYou on Apple App Store an entertainment app allows users to merge their face with another face, capturing expression in real-time.

Strategic Partners

CloudFlare: It enables to launch a unified global platform to make Internet applications fast, secure and intelligent in China and around the world.

ChinaNet, a B2B Internet technology company in the People's Republic of China with Baidu and its division Tieba has launched service ‘The Good Business of China' connecting businesses and potential entrepreneurs. ChinaNet provides online to offline (O2O) sales, expansion services for SME's and entrepreneurial management and networking services for Entrepreneurs.