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Technology Use in Media Organization Ecosystem

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Technology Use

The usage of technology is inevitable in any business. And, we know how much the Internet platforms have taken the control over content and its sharing. The platforms are so interconnected that a story shared on one platform gets automatically re-shared on other platforms.

In fact, the platforms provide the sharing buttons integrated with other social sharing platforms. The user has got an automatic multiple platform sharing ecosystem to share images, videos, blog posts, website articles, links, etc.

It encourages the user to share across multiple channels to build a mass audience.

Collaborate and Network

Million of member users available on these platforms and to grow they collaborate and network with like-minded people. Even competitors do network, helping the information system to improve. The member access information and sometimes add new facts to it thus increases its value efficiency.

Traditional Media

The fourth pillar of democracy is now no more lagging behind in technology use. The journalists apply their skills in creating the stories interesting, thus adding another layer of efficiency. People become their followers and want to know from them, creating a win-win situation to being served. The readers provide feedback thus converting a channel into a multi-dimensional conversation. The people get engaged to stories, thus building a bridge between media and consumers.

The media becomes a leadership tool to generate news for the public. Using the technology they serve the story on the self-governance basis with enormous responsibility.

News-based Countless websites

It is easy to run a news-based site, as no licensing required for same. It is becoming the biggest crisis in the media industry. They steal content to drive traffic. And, if they generate, it is a laborious task, so the content quality is not maintained. The content consumer is confused in the vast plethora of available information and thus has started trusting Google first listed pages.

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