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Online Technology Two Sides

Online Technology Two SidesThe cell phone computing has taken the place of large devices. In the large enterprises, corporations, big companies, SME's and government agencies, the computing part shifted on the cloud. Today's cell phones have more computing power than a decade ago available PC. The processing speed and RAM are increasing, and no section of our society is left untouched. The government is promoting online transactions and moving towards the more cashless economy. At one end it is releasing the pressure from banks to do operations for the customers, on the other hand, they are looking for better technology for their ATM's and one service security and easy-access.

Almost every business uses electronic mail and does most of its operations, interactions and communication only through it. You can go anywhere on any address, and you don't need to ask for landmarks, but instead use the digitized pocket address book or Google maps. The usage of mobile and its apps have no relationship with education, and even it is more in use in rural areas in comparison to an urban area.

Online Crimes – Online Technology Two Sides

The coin has two sides, we have been for centuries cursing the technology for the change in society, lifestyle, human behavior and moreover in an increase of organized crime. The technology has made us more democratic, liberal, expressive. And what if it becomes a means of humiliation, harassment, provide fake information or news, hate speeches, conspiracies, the source of malign publications or unauthorized violation of our rights. Most of the companies show zero tolerance to such a negative part and want to provide a safe environment to all users.

Still, new, different types of online crimes are emerging like data theft or the theft of private individual information, Intellectual property theft, steal the credit of creator ideas and expression by unauthorized use, as available easily.

The technology is bringing a constant, permanent change to the society on an immense scale. The societal values are changing, the public opinion, behavior and hence attitude is changing, and they are responding to this change very rapidly.

Advise to Control Online Crimes – Online Technology Two Sides

We know that society needs rules, regulations, policies, policing and controlling bodies to control crime. The same applies to online crimes also, but there is an issue, the culprit may not come under land-laws and may be a citizen of different countries where cyber laws are almost not available. So, a blended approach needed where all nations must come forward and frame common rules, punishment to safeguard the hard-earned technology. The scientist has given their entire lives to the betterment and luxury of society, and such knowledge should come into use only to increase societal values.