The job of web host is simple, there are many tasks which will go daily in their workplace. Many points are there web hosting company's to consider:

Marketing and Sales

An important point of business growth is competitive sales and marketing. For small size web hosts lot of resources and efforts are important. Mostly small hosting companies are self-funded and have a small budget for advertising and marketing. Large companies are able to run TV ads, place billboards and can also buy advertising space. Some companies prefer online marketing other prefer outdated methods like telemarketing, cold calling, directory advertising and newspaper advertising also.


One important task that a web host needs is payment collections. If payment will be late then web host will not have sufficient money to pay vendors, suppliers, and employees. Overdue payments effect badly and fast payments will be rewarded. Automated systems are set up by many companies in a deal with billing and accounting. Clients can receive invoices automatically and online payments are collected at any time. A policy is required for setting up late payments. From due date, in remaining period web hosts provides assurance that services are suspended of non paying clients till receiving of payment. Automated billing solutions will handle account suspension and restoration used to take care of payments and paid invoices can be automatically marked. Whenever a suspended account is paid, then only after payment account will be restored.

Technical Support

This feature plays an important role providing technical support to customers. Some hosts are providing phone support and some are offering email support. Most hosts are offering integrated chat system through which customers can get technical support with their host. A ticket based support system is also available for hosting services allows clients to receive and send messages, without email account access. This facility will be useful if an email account is not working properly. On creating an account most queries related to technical support are solved during first few days. A client may contact regularly to host till he will have a good understanding of the provided services. By providing proper documentation and editorial material to customers this communication can be avoided. A client can remove his anxiety by FAQs section and step-by-step guide.


Content filtering and censorship is not exactly the job of web hosting company. It ensures compliance for the stability of any business with the help of imperative law. If a user breaks terms of service of hosting provider or commits any crime through servers, then compliance will be ensured by web hosting provider. Based on non-compliance with terms of services of hosting company, web hosts will suspend access of clients and can terminate account also. A team of compliance of web hosts will have been touch continuously with system administrators providing a report of any suspicious activity in their own infrastructure. Unlimited hosting plans will be available at relevant prices.