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AI Machines

AI MachinesDoing business is an intelligent game, where the entrepreneur applies knowledge immediately, endlessly generate new ideas and is highly creative. They perceive the tiniest details related to business, and with their cognition, logical and spatial abilities thrive it wider. The modalities of doing business make the way to succeed in the market.

Use of Technology in Business

The business needs sustained attention, recognition, and understanding of patterns and full utilization of cognition abilities. The technology has eased up the computational efforts, but its entrepreneur whose capabilities, decision making expertise and intelligence matters in business success. Nowadays automation or computerization and regular updating are also considered a must factor for business. The technology is advancing, and the era of intelligent machines, based on algorithms is now available for utilization in industries. Such devices said to have Artificial intelligence, capable of abstract concepts. The jobs considered dangerous for humans is done by Robots, designed for specific tasks. The machines are programmed for functions to achieve impressive results.


It is a myth that one-day machines would replace humans. The God has created humans with intelligence and expert in several tasks. No device made which could think creatively as humans. For doing additional jobs, a mechanism needs other programs and additional parameters for which humans already programmed to do naturally.

Human Capabilities

The performance of machines is increasing day-by-day, but still, there are tasks which are beyond their capabilities, which only humans do possess. Although continuous research is going on to generalize the machines for functions such as reasoning, concept formation, planning, but still it is very far and unclear approach.

Although machines have automated most of the business tasks, still they are not based on continually evolving methodologies of algorithmic learning. Likes humans these machines are not learning from their mistakes, hence still they are a dump, not intelligent.

The experts predict the substantial impact on the workforce due to the arrival of Artificial Intelligence. The companies need experts to run AI-powered systems, hence a golden opportunity for qualified students. Gartner research reveals that by 2020, there would be a rise in the healthcare and education field, while the manufacturing labor work will be hit hard with no signs of reversing.