Small businesses hosting packages

What hosting packages are available on WordPress for small businesses? WordPress has launched WordPress Business, a new hosting package designed for small businesses.
The new WordPress business package includes live support, unlimited premium themes and unlimited storage and all the features included in its Premium Bundle. WordPress introduces its new business package for small businesses or non-profits and its new option may make users, more inclined to upgrade. While there are some small businesses or non-profits which are already using WordPress to host their websites for free.
To win customers in this segment is increasing, due to this new package and SMBs are good for web hosts and cloud providers. Premium themes starting at $50/each and storage upgrade cost around $290/year, WordPress Business starts saving your money whenever you sign up, said by WordPress. WordPress in 299$ per year allows business saves more in developer, designer, and support costs, making it a great choice for your business. It also provides you live support when you have the problem of website crisis.
“If you are planning to start a small business, you understand the need of a good website which ultimately helps you to grow business but if you don’t have money or enough time to build the website then with WordPress Business all the things can be done as it makes available all
the tools which you required to build a rich, engaging website that support and meet your objectives and goals without hiring a web developer and it also take care of backups, disk storage capacity, bandwidth and other things which are available in the package.
Small businesses needed a domain, storage, and a wide selection of themes for building a Web site. WordPress provide not only site hosting and a free domain, but also live support in the form of chat, or email when chat is not available, unlimited storage and so many unlimited premium themes in which you can select yours, SMB without ads and all this will cost only 299$ annually. But if you are planning to buy all the items and upgrades separately, then they will cost around 700$.Without doubt we can say that there are slightly cheaper hosting options are also available, but unlimited storage, support, and themes make WordPress Business a compelling and a very good choice.
Here is a list of things which are available in the hosting packages used for small businesses- Basically there are three plans offered by WordPress which are named as- first Standard, second business i.e. meant for Business users and third starter for the beginners or starters.
Disk storage and bandwidth capacity of different sizes which varies with the plan, free setup, lite speed, ticket or phone support, 99.9% uptime guarantee, Instant and daily backups, c panel which is SSL secured, money back guarantee mostly of 60 days in all the three plans, sub/addon domains which also varies with the plan, support for cloud fare, softaculous, cloud linux operating system, My SQL databases also varies with the plan. Duration of the plan is also different for all the users i.e. varies with the plan, means plan can be of 3 months,6 months,1 year or 2 year.