Media is one of the vital means of communication like the devices which are used to interact and communicate among people. Then comes the Electronic media, which is similar to social media, which nowadays are often created electronically. The new media is in the form of digital media. Electronic media makes communication easy to connect people from one end to another by getting them together through media facilities and features. Not many years before, people used to indulge more into cultural events like folk dance, drama, classical music, etc. and that media was used to broadcast a message to huge populations through print media, social media while the electronic media came as last option, but now look how the tables have turned. It seems as though electronic media too away from all the dazzling light from other means of advertisement.

Electronic media is universal in most of the developed and developing countries. Electronic media devices have made their place in the lives of every common man. As though you can see, there are so many options for social media platforms while it simultaneously creates the need for electronic media for the people.

It is these Disadvantages that lead to the downfall of Print Media; defined customer reach, limited interaction, environmental harm.
Do you remember the times when telephones outmoded telegraphs and likely, mobile phones are doing the same to wired telephones! Equivalently, electronic media has begun to not only overshadow print media but made us aware of its demerits and challenges.

Reasons for the Decline of Print Media – First, Minimal Interaction; Print media constitutes of anything which has been physically printed out, like magazines, newspapers, brochures. It serves a variety of consumers from youth to business customers. Although, since the introduction of electronic media and technological development, our world is slowly moving away from the concept of the traditional method of media.

One major factor that brings thoughts to a whole new prospect is that print media fails to provide the imagination, creativity, and the lack of any interaction.
Artistic media on search engines makes it comfortable for people from different societies and backgrounds to interpret the information.
Second, Killing our planet

It requires 500,000 trees to print the weekly Sunday Paper in the US alone. Print media is one of the significant reasons for forest depletion worldwide, and it is something unstoppable. Electronic media one hell of a great solution to the environment problem. It is not the people are being kept away from information, and it’s the source that has been changed.

Author: Rishika Chhabra