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Traditional Media Business Automation Process

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Business Automation

The business needs the right foundational knowledge to succeed in this competitive world. – Mani. K (


The traditional media as the guardian of the content understands that the Internet is full of misinformation and misreporting. They address it as the critical issue as the same is against the journalism ethics. Although the media is not against the implications of technology, they advocate its diversity and its inclusion in the media industry with the intent to stay ahead. The traditional press wants the information available on the Internet incredibly readable and credible.


The technology has brought the dramatic impact on all the aspects of news-based businesses and is harnessing to achieve successful, scalable and sustainable business. The machines have enhanced the organization's productivity and life quality of communities. The businesses have leveraged the use of computers in every aspect of the company, The speed, accuracy and the diligence it provides is un-comparable. It has driven the businesses to be innovative while solving the problems in real-world.  The future work culture of the companies is the outcome of people, data, technology, and design. The enterprises want to apply the modern toolsets and algorithms to increase their productivity.


The businesses need to take concrete decisions to benefit their organization. For that, they need to design appropriate solutions, with the help of experts and prioritize the right opportunities. Most of them have an interest in spending a significant budget on research and experiments to incorporate the technology in their businesses. They gather the information essential for the organization and using the modern techniques filter the data for different levels of executives. The more they analyze and process the data, the more it helps to separate the hype from reality and benevolent the system.

After that, using the appropriate algorithms, the strategic and methodological steps are designed for implementation. The essential strategies and the business plan implemented and deployed to manage the different stakeholders, attract talent to business and identify different opportunities. The vital functions identified and required applications are developed or purchased. The business functions include HR, Legal, Finance, Technical, Support, Manager, Sales, Marketing, Customer values and others.

Finally, the business decides ethical responsibilities towards the workforce, customers, employees, and society as a whole.

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