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Building Relationship

Building Relationship

Marketing tactics work when it brings conversion as well as build trust. The companies offer discount, incentives and other resources to convert audiences. Admittedly, it works, and companies get few clients, but the real challenge is whether such a policy is going to sustain for a long time? Will, it helps in building a brand? A lot of companies treat the discount or incentives as an inconvenient truth. Ultimately, they have to survive in the competition.

The marketing team of few companies excite their promises and apply pressure tactics to bring sales. Well, if targets meet their job is secured, but next month the target cycle starts again. The team understands that until everything goes right, they have a sustainable future. But, from the inner of their hearts, they realize that their future is secured until they are offering value to society. The companies focus on building a relationship, trust, and reputation at every stage of a transaction to build up the value. Hence, for everyone benefit, the companies care and indeed serves customers.

In this fast evolving technical world, the companies are focussing much on organic marketing, i.e., caring for an audience and building long-term relationships. Low-cost internet, mobiles, and search engines have made everybody a techie, who can always hunt for authentic information. Now, the businesses need to provide consistent and authentic content to fulfill their thirst, which further nurtures their audience to grow. While every company is sharing information, now much content is available cheap, free online to a customer. The customers are now focussing on one-to-one support. But, it's not feasible to support everybody, hence, sharing consistent content works and the audience never fell left-out.

The left-out feeling erodes the hard-earned relationship with customers.

The content builds a relationship, but only if it is fresh and worthy. The companies promoting campaign often disseminates similar material, which annoys the readers. Here, the companies must take care of audience feelings.