If you are a consistently present online or are working towards building a business there, you would have heard of cPanel. cPanel is an internet based hosting control panel that is provided by many hosting providers to website owners permitting them to manage their websites from a web-based interface. The program provides a graphical interface from which they can manage their segment of Unix server.

Many companies offer it with their hosting packages for free. The problem is, a lot of people often don’t understand what cPanel is.

Imagine this, and you are a new small business owner trying to make a name for yourself. You know the best way to create a presence is by getting your business online, but you don’t know where to start. cPanel makes it convenient for anyone to run a webpage. There’s no need for administrators or any tech teams because it provides all the tools that you will ever need on the browser.

The cPanel bought by an investment firm Oakley Capital last year. The cPanel has shaken the web hosting community with its preposterous announcement. It is but obvious to understand that they expect good returns on their investment, but the kind of price increase they have done is shocking and outrageous. Meanwhile, the whole hosting industry has gone crazy over the price raise. They have introduced their pricing model from a per server pricing to per account prototype.

So, if you’re a cPanel partner and let’s say you were earlier paying $11 per cPanel license for each server and running a 1,000 websites, now you’ll have to pay $122. That’s nearly a 1000% price rise. As per the new cPanel’s pricing strategy, here’s the breakdown for 1000 websites; 32 USD for 100 accounts, 0.1 USD each for 900 accounts. The cPanel’s reputation is due to its integration with Softaculous, LiteSpeed, JetBackup, CageFS, etc. It has helped cPanel become quicker, reliable, relevant, secure, and good with features. However, the price increase seems to be a nonstrategic step, and cPanel has faced significant resentment from the web-hosting community!

Author: Rishika Chhabra