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Technology Sector Students

Hosting Technology Sector StudentsThe world-class UK Universities have always attracted the international students to study in the U.K. The website top universities shows the following in the top 500 for 2018 in Computer Science. The five universities rank top 50 in the University Ranking, and overall 48 UK Universities are in global 500. The U.K.'s technology sector is booming, and its value has grown by £14 billion this past year, developing 2.6 times faster than average rate of advancements, reported by Tech Nation. The U.K degree is highly valued by companies worldwide. The U.K itself needs 800,000 IT professional by 2020 as per the forecast and a study from Computer Weekly.

Rank University Name Rating on Website
5 University of Cambridge 5
7 University of Oxford 5
12 Imperial Collge Condon
28 The University of Edinburg
32 UCL ( University Collge London
51-100 King’s College London
51-100 The University of Manchester
51-100 University of Glasgow
51-100 University of Southampton
101-150 Lancaster University
101-150 London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)
101-150 The University of Warwick
101-150 University of Birmingham
101-150 University of Bristol
101-150 University of York
151-200 Queen’s University at Kingston
151-200 University of Nottingham
151-200 The University of Sheffield
201-250 Newcastle University 5
201-250 University of Leeds
251-300 Brunel Unversity of London
251-300 Cardiff University
251-300 Loughborough University
251-300 Queen’s University of Belfast
251-300 Royal Holloway University of London
251-300 University of Liverpool
251-300 University of St. Andrews
251-300 University of Surrey
301-350 City, University of London
301-350 Durham University
301-350 Oxford Brookes University
301-350 University of Essex
301-350 University of Strathdyde
351-400 Aston University
351-400 Cranfield University
351-400 Heriot-Watt University
351-400 The Open University
351-400 University of Aberdeen
351-400 University of Kent
351-400 University of Sussex
401-450 The University of Exeter
401-450 University of Leicester
401-450 University of Reading
451-500 Goldsmiths, University of London 5
451-500 Kingston University, London
451-500 Ulster University

According to the U.K National Student Survey, the majority of students are satisfied with the quality of university courses. Thus London, UK is the world's education capital and ultimate study destination for aspiring computing professionals.

The London has the higher cost of living in comparison to other cities of the UK. Most of the university charge fees around £9,000 to £10,500 and an average student living cost is around £800 to £1000. It seems to be a tremendous amount, but not for smart students who earn scholarships on their fees, living expenses, warm clothing and return airfares.

UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Service)

Application to study for an undergraduate course is submitted online to the central agency UCAS. With the other necessary details, the students fill the language exams they pass which include IGCSE, IELTS, Cambridge proficiency, SAP, AP, etc.

University Courses – Technology Sector Students

The university offers different degree programme choices varying from three to four years in length. In Computer Science it includes The BSc Computer Science, BEng Computer Science and Electronics and BSc Mathematics and Computer Science, Computer Science with Business and Management, Computer Science Engineering, Business Analytics, Computational Finance, Data Science and Machine Learning, Robotics and Computation, Information Security and other masters and doctoral programmes of study.

Companies Offering Opportunities – Technology Sector Students

The companies include Hewlett- Packard, STMicroelectronics, Infineon, Toshiba, Credit Suisse, IBM, Google, Microsoft, GlaxoSmithKline, British Telecom, Accenture, Cisco, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Xmos, Clementine, and Netsight provide fantastic opportunities for graduates.