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Opt-in pages

Opt-in pagesMany WordPress plugins are available to create opt-in forums in pages or posts. Most businesses display a prominent link to opt-in form page on the homepage or in the primary sidebar. The marketers create separate opt-in pages for different occasions, opportunities or exclusively discounted purchases.

The marketing team understands the business prospects and prepare a list of people coming in contact online or offline. They further analyze and filter it to segregate the prospective customers. The business gives utmost priority to the security of the list of its customers or prospects and treats it as a valuable asset for a company.

Companies Efforts to increase contacts-database – Opt-in pages

The companies do several things to get people into its contact database. Their marketing professionals attend various seminars, workshops and training sessions where they do networking and try to figure out new prospects for a company. The companies even organize multiple events and invite the people, for few they provide sponsorships and such events generate new possibilities and help to increase contacts-database.

Likewise, on the website the company lure the visitors with the list of items, so that opt-in to receive emails. The company routinely releases various newsworthy information and resolution to most common problems by posting the same as links in comments to various sites and also sharing them on social media platforms.

The companies even have the Live Help support system available to resolve the visitor's issues or answer their queries. Furthermore, periodically generate reports and disseminates to subscribers.

Sometimes, few news-based websites take an interest in such reports and publish and disseminate to their followers. There are websites which do the content dissemination as paid service. The company affiliates also take initiatives to promote the content to the list of their subscribers.

Satellite Domains to invite visitors to Opt-in pages

The companies often purchase branded domains and enable guest blogging and press releases. The moderators available only allow thematic content which also includes audio, video and images. Hence, filling the niche content and at the same time creating a list of people who talk about the industry. The companies further treat them as group leaders, collaborate with them to help the companies disseminate information and increase subscribers.

They motivate guest bloggers with various bribes. Their names are displayed in the primary sidebar to appear in all pages. Promote the articles, which are most shared or liked. The social media buttons available on the downside of the materials allow further dissemination on various channels and platforms with the link. The companies try to offer a new experience to writers by paying them for their contribution.