Dedicated web hosting server not shared with others. A user has full run of the server’s resources. Dedicated server providers offer the ability to select the software which user wants to install on a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting is more expensive than any other hosting options. Maintenance of such a server can be a big challenge for website owners.

Dedicated hosting: a step forward:

Dedicated hosting depends on the overall use of the server, and this includes the OS, database of user’s choice. Servers customized according to the customer requirements. The main criteria for choosing dedicated hosting are:-

No hidden cost: The main advantage of dedicated hosting is that it is costing is evident without any uncertainty.
Custom setup: For dedicated hosting, a user can choose both types of OS which are MS Windows and Open Source Linux. The user choice depends upon the kind of application running on the dedicated server.
Plenty of storage: In this hosting, a user has an abundant storage, and he also can add hard disk without any condition regarding cost.
Location of a server: The main factor of SEO is download speed or time. The user can manage the website performance in case of this hosting. It is easy to configure a dedicated server with CDN network to speed up page download for visitors.
Ups of dedicated hosting:

There are following reasons:-

  • Reliability: User can use all the bandwidth according to the requirement as no other website is there. Dedicated server has an ability to give reliable service to large volumes of traffic.
  • Flexibility: When a user does not have any share then it is more flexible. The user can manage a configuration of a server.
  • Security: A particular level of security comes with dedicated server due to the reason that no one else has access to the server except that organization that offers web hosting services.
  • Performance: It offers more reliability, hence higher performance. If a user wants to upload photos with high resolution or video clips that require high bandwidth, it loads faster. There is not any page loading problem.

How dedicated server can be beneficial for your company?

Dedicated servers can be useful in many ways:-

  • Dedicated servers are cost-effective: To build an IT infrastructure, expanding capital to acquire equipment requires continual management. Dedicated server hosting company provides mission-critical hosting resources at fixed monthly price.
  • Dedicated servers optimized to business requirements: A leading dedicated server is hosting custom-configures servers and network optimization according to the firm needs. Companies make infrastructure solutions and data into environments which are not designed specifically for the task.
  • Dedicated servers are more secure regarding viruses: Within the IT space server and network security has become a very specialized subset of skills. Many companies operate with an on-premises infrastructure to manage security risks. Enterprise-class hosting providers bind infrastructure in multiple layers of physical safety and biometric access controls like hand geometry scanners.

Downs of dedicated hosting:

  • Cost: Dedicated hosting comes with a higher price as a user has his right on the server in which website is hosted. No other website is there on the server. Maintaining and repairing of a dedicated server can be a big challenge for website owners.
  • Technical Knowledge: User must have some expertise to manage the server with installing, upgrading, configuring and monitoring programs. The user has to know how to add websites, deal with hackers and be able to fix problems that occurs with dedicated web hosting.