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Advise To Get Rid of unwanted unsolicited emails

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Advise to Avoid unwanted unsolicited emails

Using Filters to avoid unwanted unsolicited emails

Often we don't want to even look into the junk folder where hundreds of emails marked as spam reside, filtered by email-filter programs. Sometimes, we deny that we haven't received an email from your side. And the business asks to check the spam folder and also to whitelist them. Optimize filters level by regularly monitoring the junk folder.

Most would complain that why can't filters get automatically adjusted according to the preferences and depending on user's reporting and activity.

Report to Agencies for unwanted unsolicited emails

Once the user marks any mail landing in its inbox as spam, it should get automatically reported to agencies who work to curb spammers. The agencies would further inform the email providers to stop the user's activity or delete the account or get ready to face the legal complexities.

Stop Email exposure to avoid unwanted unsolicited emails

Find out the sites where your email is exposed, and spammers are adding it to their database from there. Some people share their email id on social media platforms to be publicly available. On Facebook, About section, you can find millions of such people whose email ids is publicly shared, thus openly inviting the spammers. This email-id shared for people to contact and checked regularly. The Ananova technical team advise to use secondary or temporary or disposal emails with properly filter sets on social media platforms. The filters would redirect the selected emails to a primary email address. Never share private information which includes email-id in tweets, posts or forums. Sometimes people provide their personal information in return for lured bribes.

How many times, you have seen people changing their email id's as they forget its credentials. Cybercriminals hack such emails, and they use it for their malicious activities.

Sometimes business shares their employees, partners, franchise data on their website, which include their contact details, person to contact, address and other information. Hence always advised keeping personal and business identities separate to avoid spammers.

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