Site icon Ananova Business Web Hosting was previously called webdistro. This is a groupware that supports more than one user and it is written using PHP it is a component of DotGNU project. This will give the users access to about 50 internet based applications. File manager, email, Todo list, project manager, address book and a calendar.

The calendar application repeats events and also provides alarm functions. The email functions also supports file attachments and inline graphics. The entire system supports user groups, multiple languages, user permissions, themes and user preferences. The modules of this software are set up in such a way that they can administer the working atmosphere. is mainly based on Application Programming Interface.

A little background on

The process of developing started out in 1994 when a gentlemen called Rasmus Lerdorf developed a some scripts based on CGI. These scripts were used by Rasmus to maintain his homepage for his website. This tool was very helpful in exhibiting his resume and recording the traffic on his website. He also went all out and re wrote these scripts in C to enhance the performance. After dabbling with this for a number of years Lerdorf made an official announcement that he was going to release

The version that was released in 2013 includes perl variables and the ability to let the users embed HTML. A brand new version is under development for several years now. This particular version was initially to be released as an advanced version. This version has provisions for a complete Unicode support. The unicode support took a bit long to incorporate.

Changes in the new code were made and the user were allowed facilities such as safe mode, magic quotes and removing the register globals. The reason for allowing removals was that register globals intentionally opened security openings by permitting data injection and the implementation of magic quotes were quite unpredictable. To reduce characters the magic quotes are to be replaced with addslashes functions and real escape strings for MYSQL.users will be notified on the functions that are to be removed in the latest versions of

Now installing is no big deal as it is very easy to install. You will find many tutorials online that will guide you through the entire process. Once you have installed the application you must go about looking at the tools on the interface to get a grasp on the software you should spend a little time with the software. It would be wise not to rush through the learning process.

You may have a little difficulty in the beginning but as you continue to explore the software you will get used to it and things will be fine. Since this is open sourced you can start configuring some of the settings to suit your purposes. is indeed a very useful software that has some sophisticated tools that will let you achieve a lot of things provided you install it properly on your computer, so follow the tips properly.

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