Content Management Systems(CMS) like Havalite are computer programs for maintaining websites. It allows you to manage, modify, edit and easily publish content with a central interface. It is meant to cut paste the technical process of coding the projects and getting directly to update the website. This allows you to quickly get to work without dwelling too much on the technical details.


Havalite is a very simple function-filled content management system developed by a team in Germany, especially designed keeping in mind to keep it uncomplicated for easy use. It has a simple, uncluttered interface giving you easy access to what you need when you need it. It is designed for blog management, written in PHP and SQLIte and uses the jQuery UI library.It is licensed under General Public License (GNU). It is designed for those who don’t have any technical knowledge and want to manage their content without any hassle. It is an open-sourced system, so you don’t need to spend a dime to use it. Its intuitive, simple-to-use design is better than most programs out there. Any donations made are redirected towards charity.


Once you download it, a one-step installation wizard welcomes you. As mentioned on their website, Havalite has been designed for those who do not have any knowledge of computer programming such as HTML etc. It is meant for those who passionate about writing and would like to publish their content without any trouble.

The first thing you notice when you open the program is its clean interface. Although the program is open-sourced, it is very professionally designed with a neat and clean finish. Since it is open-sourced you can modify it to better suit your needs. Third-party plug-ins and widgets are integrated into the program, with the ability of plug-in configurations. A host of plug-ins and widgets for Havalite are available on their official website

Several themes are also available, providing ready layouts for your content. A good theme is essential for any website, they are the basic personality of the website. You can either use the themes already available or can develop your own if you want to add your personal touch. Layouts are also available for designing custom themes.

The text, images, and SWF files are all backed-up in the SqLite Database. It allows for exporting the database to a server without altering the database structure. You can backup the entire system including the images also in a single SqLite file. You may also compress the database and save as zip files to save space.

Multiple databases can seamlessly run according to their sub domains. Once installed it can be used on how many ever sub domains.

Theme creation, theme preview, plug-in creation, sidebar widgets, RSS feeds and Mobile Detectors, for automatic switching when viewed from mobile devices, are some of the many more useful functions of Havalite CMS.

If you are an avid blogger looking for a content management system, look no further than Havalite. Havalite is a fully functional program for blog owners to manage and update their blogs.