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Why linux hosting is preferred?

For the growth of any business, it is important to have an own personal website online.For this purpose, web hosting services play a paramount role and being used by each user.

Web hosting company provides web space to a user to keep their site online by giving them needed bandwidth, Disk space and desired RAM. Good bandwidth provides on a server also enables hassle-free functionality of a website, and Higher bandwidth helps in loading the page faster to respond to a visitor quickly.

There are many types of hosting used by the users to host their website like VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, Linux hosting and many others.

In these types of hosting, Linux hosting services widely used by business firms using web programming language PHP. Linux web hosting is advantageous as Linux operating system platform is compatible with the server.

About Linux & its comparison with Windows

Although in front of us we have different types of Web hosting a part of web hosting based on sharing the server the common ones are:

Windows web hosting supports the features of Windows platform while Linux Hosting supports the features of Linux platform.

Linux is a Unix-based Operating System. It was developed by Linus Benedict Torvalds in 1991 when he was the student at the University of Helsinki in Finland. Now, it has become most popular web hosting platform. The web hosting which drives its server by using the free and open source Linux Operating System is called Linux Web Hosting. Linux Web Hosting termed as Affordable Linux Web Hosting as it offers relatively cheap web hosting packages. Affordable Linux Web Hosting offer the ability to reach customers around the world, increase revenue, improve efficiency and enhance communication and customer service with little investment. Cheap Linux Hosting is the most basic entry-level form of web hosting which we can consider if we wish to receive the best value for money from our chosen web hosting package.

My Ideal Host is Cheap Linux Hosting with free domain registration, unlimited hosted domains, and mailboxes, cPanel control panel, 24/7 mail/chat/ phone, etc.

Linux Server hosting is much more preferable. It is considered to be the first place paradigm for developing a website.

Now the question arises regarding our choice that Why Linux Hosting?It means Why Linux hosting is getting much more preference as compared to other hosting services and this due to following advantages:

  1. Performance: When the usage of Linux and the accompanying applications considered then it proves to be more stable if compared to other operating systems. Linux Hosting is more reliable and has a higher uptime.
  2. Compatibility: Linux is compatible with most operating systems and programs offered as to setup website using Web Hosting Linux on another operating system is very effortless.
  3. Database Compatibility: Linux Server Hosting does not require additional plugins and provides database compatibility. It presents an option for the Users to choose from database systems such as SQL or MySQL. These database systems are widespread applications and offer a high level of safety and security.
  4. Free And Open Source Feature: Due to free and open source feature of Linux Website Hosting, it provides Cheap Hosting services as Linux Website Hosting Provider don’t have to pay for Linux Operating System.
  5. Forums and Support: As Linux is an open-source platform, it comprises many support forums by which people can find patches and solutions to their problems. It proves beneficial when we are looking for a particular tool, and it is not available.
  6. Transfer: It is quite simple to move from a Linux based hosting plan to a Windows based hosting plan . Linux Host might also upload files to a Windows website without making any additional changes.
  7. Flexibility: Linux gives its sound performance when it works with all types of system. Business owners are using Web Hosting Linux with a rapid mode due to it's that flexible feature. It enables businesses and web developers to use applications and tools as per their requirement and convenience.
  8. Security: The security offered by Linux Website Hosting is at par. By applying security measures and tools, we can protect Linux server from direct external attacks.
  9. Resources: Linux Hosting gives necessity resources for calculating which gives Linux Host many benefits such as cost effectiveness and gentle at the similar time.The platform loads rapidly and operates quicker if compared to another hosting platform.

Linux Hosting preferred for those looking for:

Therefore the outstanding feature of Linux Hosting gives the answer to the question that is Why Linux Hosting has chosen?

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