Webafrica provides top class secure hosting in the industry. Additionally, they have got scalable and flexible cloud-based virtual servers with shared and private options. Webafrica provides hassle free hosting through advanced tools and technologies. Besides this, their unique virtual ISP program for resellers is excellent. The company offers many professional services and products for their customers. Their cPanel is easy to use administration interface used on Linux hosting. On top of this, their hosting packages are created to accommodate basic database websites. Besides this, Webafrica offers top quality hardware, high-security data centers, instant activation and more.


CEO: Tim Wyatt-Gunning

Services Offered

  • Connectivity: VDSL, ADSL, Fibre, and LTE
  • Hosting Solutions: VPS, website design and marketing, and website security.

What for Customers?

  • The company understands the user-needs and requirements.

Latest News

  • (September 29, 2017) The company's CEO Tim Wyatt-Gunning announced business-split in two units
    From November 01, 2017, The Webafrica would retain Internet access services and Hosting services would function under Grindhost
    The move would offer improved services which include:

    • Specialized operating systems
    • High-level hosting specialists
    • The ramped output of cloud-based applications for small businesses