Chatwoo is a chat system based on true website user behavior and experiences in one central tool-giving you the big picture of how you can improve your site's UX and conversion rates. All users data are stored securely in the cloud and are get-able at lightning speed. Chatwoo based on embodied conversational Messengers for websites where real users can communicate each other.

The Chatwoo Live Chat system is flexible. You can run it on Linux and Windows because chat system is all browser friendly.

To generate or create a chat system for your organization, click on appropriate link i.e then go on sign up button that is and follow the instruction provided.

Here are some easy steps to sign up For Free Registration on Chatwoo.

Website owner/admin who wishes to integrate Chatwoo has to click on “Sign Up” then a window appears for sign up process.

1) website owner has to insert website URL link in” Your Website Address” text box.

setp 01

You will find SSL check box, if you have SSL certificate website then tick on it. Else left it blank.

2) Then enter an email address of concern person or administrator of your organization(who is responsible for web development).

step 002


3) Fill the Authorized name of Contact person, then click on “Create my chat widget”Tab.

After completing the process you will get a window which will be displaying details as below :

This window will give detail about Chatwoo verification process which contains :

  1. Verification File
  2. Html code
  3. URL address where you upload your file
  4. Confirmation URL address that will confirm your Chatwoo system uploaded successfully.
  5. Click on “verify “button for completing the verification process.

Copy this code and then paste in your website header <head></head> section.

After this process confirm the upload was successful by visiting URL link which has been provided in verification window.

Note* :-

If session time is completed but verification did not finish yet it will revert to Step One sign up process.

You have been successfully signed up. We review every application manually, and your registration is waiting for manual approval. After confirming your registration, you will receive an email from with all the necessary information including your password which can be changed once you sign in.