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Blogging A Sustained Activity


“Success comes when ideas get implemented in this online business world.” People are keen to share their thoughts on the Internet to be treated like experts, influencers or personalities. Thus to increase followers, they put money, energy, resources and time to shape their success. Their words are written so to influence the readers undoubtedly. They portray success, richness, lifestyle, famous, which sometimes by including imaginary content.

Feedback Encourages the Blogger

Readers often ask questions, whenever they have different direction or way of thinking or a different viewpoint. Such feedback encourages the bloggers to discuss further on the topic.

One of Thousand Ideas gets Success

Its obvious one out of thousand ideas attracts or influence readers. That means it needs extra effort and expertness to have successful business marketing idea. An idea which always appears successful, brilliant and persuasive, obviously quality wins over quantity, the values of an idea sets the popularity of writer on an online media. A writer may feel that his/her concept is impressive, but a percentage of success is low until the writer is already well established or is new and capable of generating attraction through social media.

A lot of bloggers get stuck in the shallows and not able to create their position in a competition. Eventually, most of them give up and stop writing. Few keep struggling, going deeper in their minds, authenticating themselves, without going to the vicious cycle of competition, comparing or following the other's style. They are happy with the way they are doing and have faith that someday in the future, they would grasp success.


Being a blogger, you need to be passionate and keep writing as a sustained activity. A blogger needs to be a good reader and listener also. Further, he/she should actively keep surfing the Internet, read email newsletters, watch videos, listen to podcast. Keep collecting experts ideas, opinion and belief, authenticate and connect to them by their values or virtues. Furthermore, keep aspiring yourself with the kind of views, the ideas you reject and the approaches you adopt. Aspire yourself by connecting within yourself, bringing your authenticity. For sure, you would be successful, and your write-up would be attractive, and your ideas would get treated brilliantly.

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