WordPress is an open source blogging platform that you can use for a personal or business website. It is completely user-friendly and has tons of support. You don’t need to know technical jargon or spend hours tinkering with code to make your website do all kinds of cool things. There are many reasons behind using WordPress.

WordPress is free
Everyone knows that if you need a quality product you need to pay for it. Whatever is free is usually not that good. I accept that. However, there are always exceptions, and WordPress is one of them.

Plugins Flexibility
You may need additional functions in WordPress. For example, you may require a newsletter or currency widget for your own company website. This particular could be done with plugins. There are thousands of WordPress plugins on the internet to extend the features of your site and the best news is most of them are usually free.

Simple to Use
The first setup may appear daunting to somebody who simply started on the web, but there are tons of practical courses on the internet in order to enable you to get started. Otherwise, you can hire a web designer to install for you. As soon as you have it setup, the rest is actually easy. You can simply log in to WordPress as well as you would be greeted with a great interface. You may update brand new or edit articles easily within the control panel.

Great Content Management System
This content management system tool helps you create and then update the web pages so easily, on your own, when required. You can easily add content to your site, pictures, events and even products whenever you want, in just simple steps. This option comes in handy when there are clients who don’t want the WordPress developers to maintain their site and ask for more money. And so the clients prefer WordPress for the reason that they themselves can add content to their website due to the easy functionality it provides them. And the best part is that the users learn to use WordPress in less than hours, because of the easy to use and similar to Microsoft Word functions for editing.

Has a strong designer community
WordPress became so popular that when you need someone to build you a website you'll never have any problems to find someone who can actually do it for you. There are lots of designers, who specialize in designing pre-designed and pre-built WPtemplates (Themes). There are lots of developers, who work hard on getting you the best choice of plugins. All of it makes WP development easy and affordable.