When you design and float a website on the world wide web, you actually want the world to see it. There is no point in having a business website if it has no visitors. More the visitors, merrier the business. To make your website visible on the top pages of the results of any search engine is any developers dream and aim. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process where you try to improve the visibility of your website in a search engine's result page.

It is easy to see that as and when your SEO rankings improve, it is noticed by more people and that increases traffic on your website. This is user to positively affect your sales and profit. To improve the SEO rankings, you need to improve your website so that the web spiders pick it up on a priority basis. You need to get really innovative and aware to grab the attention of the world and hold it. Using some tactics, which are time tested, this can be achieved. Here we talk about some of the effective off-site tactics that will help you increase the volume of traffic on your website. If used intelligently, they can be very effective:

a) Article Directories:

We can say that article directories are one of the major tools that one can use for off line SEO marketing. There are websites where you will find that people post genuinely original stuff. There is no scope of posting links there. You simply put an article there on the website which serves as a back link to your web site. The basic advantage of these websites is that they will direct specifically that traffic to your website which will be looking for the skill or niche that you are providing through your website service. The major names related to article directories could be Ezine or goarticle.

b) Web 2

Your site will be definitely visible to the online surfer if you offer something which is difficult to resist and is entertaining. For the same purpose I would suggest taking help of the Web 2 platforms. Have a wiki for your website and see the change in traffic.

c) Guest Blogging

If you really want to improve your SEO ranking you can start guest blogging. This means that you post an article(essentially an original one) on any blog and also provide a link to your website on it. By doing so you are not only contributing quality content to the internet but also giving the readers an insight into your website. Provide a back link to your website in your article to get best results.

d) SEO Optimized Theme

The theme of your website is an essential factor that determines the degree of visibility of your website to search crawlers or search engines. It should be kept in mind that the theme of the website is SEO Optimized. This is going to be useful for your website readers too. Also care should be taken that excessive repetition of the keyword does not take place.

e) Article Marketing

This tactic is effective and involves no cost. All you need to do is post an article on some article directory giving a short description of your company its services. Take should be take that whatever you post is substantially unique, original and informative. This will help in making your website and its services visible to particularly those who are looking for similar services.

f) Social Media Marketing

Social media is a power source of getting the word around. Everyone is there and are listening. All you need to do is be there and tell them all about yourself and your services. If you have not created an effective page for your website on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or similar websites, you are seriously lagging behind. Do it now and do it well.

g) Back links at different blogs and forums

Pick up suitable blogs and forums that have high viewership and leave comments there. Also mention the back link of your website. This will help you to gain traffic.

There are some other methods too which can help you to grab good volumes of traffic like

Pay per click, banner placement, Google Adsense, Pinterest etc. which can be used.

I hope that after reading the above, one will have a pretty good sense of what to do if you need to attract targeted customer to your website in high number.